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                    Hello! Welcome to Dongguan Peng Xin electromechanical Co., Ltd. official website!Chinese| English | Mobile station
                    Hot search:HEKS motor HEKS reducer HEKS planetary reducer Temdli motor Temdli reducer Frequency converter
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                    Relying on a wide range of sales service network, professional and technical personnel, in-depth understanding of customer needs, through technical exchanges andProfessional interaction
                    Order the most for customersEfficientEquipment and service system, professional technical team, to solve customer production worries. Quality creates value, honesty wins credit. In the new era of industrial automation and information, we are willing to consummate equipment and perfect service!

                     OuragentElectromechanical motor structureSmall, high rigid gap transmission stability, low noiseCharacteristics are widely used in various fields. The company has won the CE, CCC, UL, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and other honors, and continue to act on behalf of good quality products. Companies adhering to the "customer participation, manufacturing" concept, and strive to provide customers with more personalized service.  

                    Europe: B&M motor, NERI motor, SEIMEC, Japan: MITSUBISHI motor, Oriental motor, Italy: Yaskawa servo reducer, VARVEL SEIME, MGM SMK brake brake motor TL Taiwan: Dongli motor, CPG gear motors, Taiwan Shengbang fan Korea SPG motor, Hyundai inverter.

                    To meet the rapid development of industrial automation, an agent of our multinational famous brand motor, speed reducer and a series of mechanical parts, the products are widely used in electronic equipment, medical equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, mechanical brush electroplating environmental protection equipment, CNC equipment of automation equipment for the icing on the cake.

                    From the product design, processing, assembly, commissioning, pre-sales and after-sales service areEfficient and rigorous!Equipped with professional product customer service staff, to help customers choose their own needs of products, large quantity favorably, products such as quality problems, the first time to solve

                    Peng Xin electromechanical“Striving for excellence, striving for perfection”Quality commitment, always committed to providing customers with better technology, products and services.

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                    More About Peng Xin

                    Dongguan Peng Xin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

                       Dongguan City Xin Peng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan Changan Shatou community Zhen'an Road, the company focused on the electric motor equipment industry for many years, is committed to providing customers with more comprehensive and more driving quality, drive selection.Dongguan Peng Xin Electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is Italy, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Japan brand agents. Deputy brand has Italy B&M motor, HEKS brake motor, HEKS reducer, Italy MOTOVARIO, SEIMEC, Simic brake, SITI reducer, Korea SPG small motor, Mitsubishi, MITSUBISHI horse As Japan, KCM chain, KANA chain, Japan Japan TUSBAKI, Japan TL, elephant crane Dongli motor, Taiwan North PEEI TECO translation motor, TECO, JSCC, SIEMENS motor precisel... In China market... Continue to high standards of quality brand HEKS motor reducer series. To "high quality, so that customers moved" production As the goal, through unremitting efforts of all staff, we can share the fruits of scientific and technological progress with China's industries and advance together with China's modernization.

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                    Dongguan Peng Xin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Copyright
                    Address:No. 2, Xinlian Gaoke 3rd Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City
                    Telephone:0769-82586018 Fax:0769-81668689
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